New Job Jitters

I recently started a new job as a bilingual instructional aide at a local elementary school. Basically my job includes making phone calls to Spanish speaking families, translating in the office at the beginning and the end of the school day, and teaching English learning students during the day.

Honestly- this was not the kind of job I was looking to get… This was the only position that I had any leads with after a couple of months so I went with it and I was surprised when I got the position.

After all of that time of being unexcited about the prospects of this job, I started to panic. I was so on edge and anxious the entire week before starting the job that I had a big breakdown at a family birthday party. It happened mid birthday song and it was very embarrassing, but also eye-opening. After that happened I realized I had to get things under control before I started work. The last thing I wanted was to have some sort of freak out at my new job.

Over the next few days I wrote out the reasons that I was qualified for this job and I did EVERYTHING I could to stay calm that first week of work. I went to bed early, avoided television, prepared everything the night before, arrived early to work so I could sit in my car and pray before I went in, and I asked lots of questions.

I am now over a month into my job and I feel so incredibly grateful for it. It suits me. My Spanish is still very rusty and I’m not familiar with some of the Mexican Spanish when I speak with parents, but I still enjoy it.

As I am finally getting into the swing of things I have been reflecting a lot on my “new job jitters” and I plan on recording my thoughts. I want to remember what I have learned about the experience and give myself some advice for the next time I start a new job.

Stay tuned and please share with me some of your ideas.

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