Troll Feet

I inherited my father’s Norwegian feet: short, wide, flat, and with an extra squatty big toe.

I think it was in the first or second grade when people started making fun of my short, fat big toe. I was so incredibly embarrassed that I stopped wearing any form of sandal or open toed shoe for years.

At nail-painting parties or group pedicure appointments I left my shoes or socks on and got a manicure.

Sometimes I would show close friends and they usually laughed or said it was no big deal. I thought that by acknowledging that I had weird feet that people would at least understand that I knew they were weird (?middle school brain?).

It really wasn’t until the end of high school that I started wearing flip flops in public again. I knew that I would be going to Hawaii and that tennis shoes every day would be unreasonable, so I would just try to not think about what people were thinking of me when they looked at my feet.

On my mission people would often tell me that my feet were swollen. I would try to explain to them that my feet are just like that- but they would still insist that I elevate my feet and soak them (Gotta love those honest Spaniards ;)).

Fast forward a few years, I went to try on wedding shoes. I tried on so many cute opened toed shoes trying not to care if my little piggies popped out, but I just couldn’t bear the idea having all of those photos being taken of them. On top of that, half of the shoes I liked were far too narrow for me. (Eventually I found beautiful white leather, pointed heels so I was super happy- but I just wanted to illustrate that it is still a complicated issue for me.) A few weeks later I got my first pedicure and it tickled SO bad, but it also felt like an accomplishment.

A year later, at the age of 24, I’ve decided that if I want to love myself completely I better start loving my feet. For this reason I’ve decided to proudly post a picture of my feet and leave all of my negative feelings about them behind me.

This may seem like a ridiculous post to many people and I totally get your point of view- but you are the one who decided to read a blog post about my feet!

Reasons to love my feet:

  • They help me walk.
  • They are strong.
  • They remind me of my father.
  • I have toenails to paint.
  • I don’t have high arch problems.
  • They are pretty soft.
  • They RARELY smell.
  • They are God-given.

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