Caja de Muertos

One of our last adventures in Puerto Rico was sailing to the uninhabited island of Caja de Muertos! I don’t want to forget the beautiful day we spent there so I decided to write about it and put all of the pictures in one place. Most of the pictures I am posting are from my internship partner Ellie Harrison. Enjoy!

To get to the island we took a boat in the morning from La Guancha with forty other people . The boat ride there was pretty bumpy because we were going against the waves, but that only made it more fun.

We booked it about a week in advance with Island Venture for about $90. Included in that price was unlimited beverages, lunch, and some afternoon snacks. For us they had make-your-own sandwiches, potato chips, pasta salad, bean salad, raw veggies, fruit, tortilla chips and chicken dip. It was actually really satisfying and perfect for a hot and busy day.

When we arrived to the island we saw a port off in the distance, but apparently it was made unsafe in the hurricane and has not been repaired yet. That meant that we had to take a quick swim to reach the beach. We thought that was actually pretty funny, but thankfully they brought a little boat with all of our bags to a point we could walk to.

While on the island we took a hike up to the lighthouse. Honestly I was pretty grumpy about taking the hike because it was really hot and my shorts were wet and causing me to chafe– but the view made it pretty worth it!

On the side of the lighthouse there was a lookout that was just amazing! We could see the whole island, the bright blue sea, and the coast of Puerto Rico.

On the south side of the island the beach is off limits because of a turtle reserve. I didn’t see any turtles when I looked out, but apparently you can see a ton of them on some days.

I didn’t use them, but there were also a few kayaks, paddle boards, and blow up slides available to use in the water.

It was a really neat day. I was able to relax and swim and see some of the prettiest views I have ever seen. We were only able to stay until about 3 in the afternoon, but it was totally worth it. I would encourage everyone who has the chance to go and visit the beautiful island of Caja de Muertos!

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