21 Reasons to Appreciate Being Emotional

My internship here in Puerto Rico has been going very well and I am pleased with the progress we have seen here in Ponce. However, because this internship is so important to me I tend to be pretty hard on myself when I have surges of emotion.

It is a common to think that being emotional is a weakness but thinking like that while I am sad/upset/stressed always makes me feel horrible! The truth is that I will most likely always be an emotional person and I think that there is value in accepting and loving that part of my personality.

To gain greater appreciation for my emotions I have decided to make a list of reasons to appreciate being emotional.

  1. Crying releases stress.
  2. We are peacemakers. (Even if it is after we start a fight ;))
  3. We are passionate.
  4. We care for others’ happiness.
  5. When we open up to others, they are more likely to open up to us.
  6. Opening up to others is an important part of life and building relationships of trust.
  7. We understand others’ emotional difficulties.
  8. We are good at nurturing others.
  9. Others can learn from our emotional difficulties.
  10. Increased introspection makes us more aware of our needs.
  11. Our emotional sensitivity makes it easier to identify the needs of others.
  12. Our strong emotions enable us to have a deep spiritual relationship with God.
  13. We need people.
  14. We confront problems.
  15. We are hard workers- true fighters!
  16. We don’t feel uncomfortable when others are emotional.
  17. We feel everything deeply.
  18. When we are happy, we appreciate it more!
  19. We feel the benefit of letting ourselves feel and pass through sadness and anger.
  20. We are human and emotions are normal.

When sadness, anger, and anxiety are so often stigmatized it can be difficult to appreciate the sensitive and emotional side of my personality. Making this list helps me to remember that there is value and power in the way that I feel. I hope that by accepting and understanding that part of me I will eventually be able to turn what I once thought was a weakness into a strength.

One thought on “21 Reasons to Appreciate Being Emotional

  1. Charlie says:

    Truly well said. As an empathic person, I am grateful that you shared these thoughts. You have given other empaths the ability to feel the strength in what others view as weakness.


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