“Ponce es Ponce, y lo demas es parking.”

The title of this blog is a well-known sang in the island of Puerto Rico. Obviously coined by Poncenos, it roughly translates to “Ponce is Ponce, and everything else in parking.”

This week I was able to spend an entire day touring the town with our program advisor from BYU and his family. A lot of places were closed, but I was able to understand a little bit more why the people of Ponce are so proud of their hometown.


I have wanted to visit the Cruceta de Vigia since I first started to research my internship. I have often seen it up on the hill while walking around town, but it was an amazing experience to finally see it in person. It is much bigger than I thought it would be. And the view from up above was incredible! You can see the whole town all the way up to the sea.


Unfortunately the Castillo Seralles was not open, but it was still an incredible view from outside the gate. Even the garden was a sight to see.


This is the oldest theater of it’s kind in Puerto Rico! We didn’t have time to go in and tour it, but it was a beautiful building.

This is just one of the many murals that we have come across. Accurate to life here!


There was a fire near by when we arrived so they didn’t let us go to the outdoor part of the center, but it was still interesting to go around the museum and watch a video about the indigenous peoples of Puerto Rico.

Some of the decorations were made of cardboard and clearly dated so it was a little bit funny.


Although this museum is very tiny, it is very beautiful in person. It was the first firehouse in Ponce.

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