Another Day in Old San Juan

San Juan was such a magical place to me the first time that I knew we had to come back to see more. I only have my phone camera, so the quality of the pictures is low- but just looking at these photos takes me back to my second magical day spent in Old San Juan.


We spent the morning walking above and along the Paseo de la Princesa, which goes along the edge of the island. These beautiful little towers were used originally as lookouts.


It may seem silly that I took so many average pictures of trees, but I love them. Every tree that I saw blew me away.


We weren’t permitted to take pictures in these art galleries, but I snuck one of a staircase. I can still see some of the original Puerto Rican artwork in my mind. I have been to a lot of art museums but I swear it was some of the most beautiful artwork that I have ever seen. The galleries were transformed colonial homes so it added a special charm to the experience.


Yamburger was a food truck we stopped at on our way out of San Juan. The site had covered seating and was a unique little place.

Despite the name, there were no yams on the menu. But there were some rally tasty burgers! Mine was topped with an egg, bacon, crispy shoestring potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a soft bun. Some fried plantains (amarillos) were the side.


Once again, one of my favorite parts of the historic districts in Puerto Rico are the bright colors. They literally brighten my day. It is no wonder that the people here are so friendly and happy.

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