First Date Tricks

Just to remember and reflect on our first date, I’ve decided to tell the story of how our sweet relationship officially began. Believe me, there have been a lot of ups and downs! But I love it all because it has led us to where we are today.


Sifa asked to walk me to my car one night after we were hanging out with some other friends. I agreed, and immediately got pretty nervous. At this point I had hoped that he would ask me on a date, but I really was not sure if he was even interested in me.

When we got out to the car, he stopped me. He began to tell me how he thought I was really pretty and nice. He seemed pretty nervous and finally spit out that he wanted to date me. I could tell he meant be his girlfriend… but at this point we didn’t really know each other and had spent almost no time alone together. So I said, “Yes I would love to go on a date with you!”

He was clearly a little taken back with the mention of a single date and proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t much for dressing up and going on fancy dates. So I said, “Yeah it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, we’ll just go and have a good time. We can go to a movie or eat something.” And so it was agreed.

I went out of town the next day, but the day after I got back we had our official first date! I had no idea what was going to happen, but I wore jeans because he had previously mentioned he wasn’t much for dressing up and going on dates.


The night started with our favorite thing: ice cream. We went to Coldstone at the mall and walked around looking at all the stores and chatting it up. Unlike any guy that I had dated before, Sifa loved looking at clothes and just spending time together. Honestly, I would have been satisfied with our date ending right there.


Upon arriving to the mall we noticed a mini carnival in the mall parking lot. Neither of us anticipated it being there, but after finishing our ice cream, he asked if I wanted to go and check it out. We were the only customers there that night and he told me I could choose any ride I wanted. I naturally chose the ferris wheel because I love the movie Never Been Kissed. The big guy had clearly never seen it though because he didn’t even sit next to me in our cart! He just pulled out his phone and started snapchatting it up. I was wishing that he would try to hold my hand or something- but I was still pretty pleased with the night so far!


Once we got off he asked if I wanted to go and eat, so we walked over to Chipotle and had some classic burrito bowls. I don’t remember everything that we talked about in the restaurant, but I remember feeling very impressed with some of the things he was saying. He made me feel nervous but comfortable at the same time. I knew he was a good guy.


When we were done eating he asked if I wanted to go to a movie. It was then that I realized he wanted to spend more time together, but he also wanted to reach my expectations of a good date. So I told him I didn’t want him spending any more money that night, but we could watch a movie at his place.

The sweet man let me choose 10 Things I Hate About You because we had been talking about how it was one of my favorite movies. I sat right next to him on the couch just letting my hand be free to grab, but nothing! The light was on, he was being very wholesome and keeping his eyes on the movie the whole time. –Writing this makes me sound like I really wanted him to make a move, but really I was just confused that he wouldn’t even graze my hand after previously telling me how much he liked me.– So I tried to focus on the movie!

Finally it reached the part at the end of the movie where Heath Ledger apologizes to Kat with a guitar, that smile, and a good snog.

As it happened Sifa spoke up and said, “Man, I wish I were as cool as Heath Ledger!” I looked at him and he planted a big one on me. And then he walked out of the room to grab his key.

Shocked, almost laughing, and so happy I got up and got ready to go. What a night, I thought, laughing to myself. I knew I liked him.


When he came back to the room he walked me out the door to my car and he gave me a big hug. Those cheesy lines started coming out again and I stopped him to say, “I was really hoping you would ask me out-” and he interrupted me mid-sentence saying, “Really?! You’ll go out with me?!” And he started kissing me before I could finish my sentence.

I was in complete shock with every possible thought running through my head as he was kissing me. Did he just become my boyfriend? I was just trying to say that I had been hoping for a while that he would ask me on a date… But I guess he thought that I meant I wanted to be his girlfriend? What do I do? He was still kissing me and I said to myself, I like him. I had been going on other dates, but I didn’t like any of the other guys. So when he stopped kissing me, I tried to act normal and thank him for the fun night. He asked me to call him when I got home so that he knew that I would be home safe. He has checked on me just about every day since.


At the time it was scary to be so committed and it was hard for me to be as confident as he was. But looking back, we have made it through everything because he was so sure. (According to Sifa I just couldn’t resist him!)

Now we have spent three Valentine’s Days together and have managed it long distance every time. I love my sweet Sifa so much and wouldn’t change getting tricked into being his girlfriend for the world. Here’s to many more years of firsts and tricks with the best husband I could have ever asked for.

Our first photo together as an official couple!
Halloween 2016

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