A Weekend in Cabo Rojo

Our dear friend Magda took us on a quick trip to spend the holiday weekend on the side of the island she grew up on. Much different from our trip to San Juan, we didn’t walk around so much. Instead we just enjoyed the awe inspiring views.

I tried to take a lot of pictures, but my poor photography and phone camera really didn’t do it justice. Visiting Cabo Rojo was something that I hope to do again soon and would suggest that everyone go and see!

The night we went to the lighthouse was the night of the super blood wolf moon, so it was an extra interesting experience having the moon look so large as the night went on. The light in the lighthouse never actually turned on, but as the sky got dark the moon lit our walk back. I even caught a picture of it taking the place of the light. It was a magical evening.

The next day we left to the beach. I focused more on enjoying my day there rather than taking pictures, but I think it was my favorite beach that I have EVER been to. And I have been to quite a lot of them. The water was crystal blue and shallow. And there were no waves. It looked and felt like a giant pool that was perfectly cool and refreshing. We played frisbee while standing in the water and went to the shade of the trees to play games and snack.

After a long day at the beach we went back to eat some classic Puerto Rican food. We came back to our little apartment with full bellies, fresh sunburns, and smile wrinkles.

The super moon, lighting the way.

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